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Jill is on TV!!

Watch for me on the Morning Show on Global TV on Monday morning February 17th at 6:45 a.m. (yes, that’s a.m.) with Crystal Garrett, the Anchor and Co-Host of the Morning News.

We’ll be talking about all five of my books.


Book Launch in Halifax

100_4875My friend Meghan Marentette and I had a joint launch at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia of her first children’s novel, The Stowaways (Pajama Press) and of my fifth novel, The Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden (Fitzhenry & Whiteside).100_4873Halifax-20131117-00155

A terrific event – a sandwich board outside the door, children sitting on a rug near the podium, delicious nibblies prepared by us (yes, I’m boasting!). Lisa Doucet was there from Woozles,

Lisa Doucet of Woozles Children's Bookstore in Halifax

Lisa Doucet of Woozles Children’s Bookstore in Halifax

selling books. My great-grandson Logan was in the front row (his first book launch) with his mother Jessica, my granddaughter, to whom my book is dedicated.

Carmen Klassen of CBC Radio did a wonderful job of introducing Meghan and me, thank you, Carmen.

And many friends came to help us celebrate as our two new books make their way into the world. Thanks to everyone who made this event so successful.

The Grub!

The Grub!

My Week in Toronto



I was in Toronto from November 4-10, for the launch of all Pajama Press’s 2013 titles – including Nix Minus One. Meghan Marentette was also there from Halifax, with her first novel for children, The Stowaways; and I stayed with my friend Sue MacLeod (thank you, Sue!), who launched her contemporary/historical YA novel, Namesake.

It was a fun event, familiar faces (Alma Fullerton among them) and new ones (Karen Bass, whose novel, Graffiti Knight, I very much enjoyed) – and Gail Winskill introduced us all. Books for sale, great grub prepared by Alma’s husband, and good “shop” talk.

Then we hopped the #509 shuttle through the wasteland near Harbourfront (construction, construction, construction) to Bay Street Station, and caught the subway. I felt like a pro on Toronto Transit by the time I flew home.

Pajama Launch 009 Pajama Launch 020

 *   *   *

 The wonderful Authors’ Booking Service arranged a visit to the Pleasantview Library (take the Bloor Line east and the bus north).

One hundred grade 8 students sitting on the floor of the auditorium at 9 a.m. My first time to read Nix Minus One in junior high, and my first (gulp) Powerpoint presentation. Everything went super-smooth – Powerpoint really helped, because none of the kids were from Newfoundland or had ever been there. So I could show them fishing villages and shots of the barrens and the mountains on the northern peninsula.

And they loved Nix!!! So wonderful to meet with that response, with such close attention. Thank you, every one of you!







There’s been a gap in my blog, and here’s the reason why: I’m giving myself a six-month sabbatical.P1030910

Webster’s Dictionary defines sabbatical as a year or half year of absence for study, rest, or travel.

Ever since January of 2004, when I started writing what was to become The Nine Lives of Travis Keating, I’ve been working full-time. Five books in ten years. Add to that, school visits, book tours, library readings, award ceremonies – and, of course, ordinary day to day living.

Last fall, I found I was resenting the demands of the books. I always said I’d write for kids and teens as long as it was fun and then I’d quit.

I don’t want to quit!!

So…six months off to read, relax, read, replenish, read.

Throw in some travel (to Iceland, Banff, and Port Joli), research for books number six and seven (yes, I have ideas), and cleaning out closets that are life-threatening to open.

I therefore won’t be writing a regular weekly blog for a while – you don’t really want to know I blitzed the cupboard under the kitchen sink, do you?

But when I read something interesting, come back from Iceland, hear another writer read, I’ll be in touch.


Enjoy summer!


Work In Progress


A busy week copy-editing The Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden, to be published in the fall by Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

This is the final book of the three that started with The Nine Lives of Travis Keating back in 2008.

If you’ve read the second book, The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy, you may remember Sigrid as one of the Shrikes, the three girls who bullied Prinny. At the end of the book, Prinny is terrorized by Tate and Mel, and escapes in a dory in the fog. Later, she figures out Sigrid was the one who sent for help.

I always wondered what would happen to Sigrid when Tate and Mel found out she made the phone call that got them into big trouble…


NL Aug08 232

 NL Aug08 270








Like the other two books, Hidden Agenda is set on Newfoundland’s northern peninsula.

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The Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden
Jill MacLean's latest book The Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden , published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside and is available in bookstores and on-line!

This book is the completion of the Newfoundland trilogy which started with The Nine Lives of Travis Keating, followed by The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy.

Pick up your copy today!
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Nix Minus One

Jill MacLean's book Nix Minus One , published by Pajama Press and now available in bookstores!

Nix Minus One is geared for readers in Grade 7-8 and up.
Published February 15, 2013


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