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Jill is on TV!!

Watch for me on the Morning Show on Global TV on Monday morning February 17th at 6:45 a.m. (yes, that’s a.m.) with Crystal Garrett, the Anchor and Co-Host of the Morning News.

We’ll be talking about all five of my books.


Halifax Book Signing



On Saturday Sylvia Gunnery and I met for brunch. Sylvia is a retired teacher, and believe me, her students were very lucky to have her.
She generously gave me her thoughts on how to present Nix Minus One in junior high.
Helpful thoughts.
Surprising thoughts.
Thoughts based on experience and wisdom.

Thanks again, Sylvia!
(And the eggs hollandaise were terrific.)

Then we went to the Chapters stores in Bayers Lake and MicMac Mall and signed our books. Between the two of us, it was an impressive display of books.
Thanks to the managers of the two stores for all their help.

We had some great conversations with customers.
Sylvia’s sister brought flowers for us – so kind of her.

Some writing group friends came by and chatted.
And we even sold some books…

Sylvia and I at Chapter's Book Signing

Sylvia and I at Chapter’s Book Signing

Word on the Street report

Word on the Street was a great success. I was introduced by Vicki Grant, whose new young adult novel, “Not For Family Viewing,” I’m reading right now with great pleasure.
First I read a few pages from “The Nine Lives of Travis Keating.” I hadn’t at that point received my copies of the sequel, so I read from what’s called the Advance Reading Copy – a plain-covered book that the publisher sends out to reviewers etc. It was fun to read from “The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy” for the first time. Then I signed copies of “Nine Lives” for Woozles, Halifax’s independent children’s bookstore.

Book launch and background

“The Nine Lives of Travis Keating” will be launched at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, in Halifax, on November 6th at 7 pm. I’m inviting family and friends, although anyone who’s interested is welcome. Woozles, Halifax’s independent bookstore for children, will be in attendance with copies of the book for sale.

Shortly after my first collection of poetry was published (2003), my grandson, who was nine, asked me if I would write him a book. His fourteenth birthday will be three days before the launch – this book, in other words, didn’t happen overnight! He’s probably a bit too old for the book now; it’s geared more for ages 8-12. He’ll be coming from Newfoundland for the launch with his parents, and I’ll be giving him his own personal signed copy.

I’m not sure it would have occurred to me to write a children’s book if he hadn’t asked me to do so. Fascinating how your life can change by such simple means.

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