Writing A Book

One of the problems about writing a book is that you have very little else to say.

Someone says to you, “What did you do today?”
I answer: “I wrote two pages.” Or, “I wrote one page.” Or (on a really good day), “I wrote four pages.”
The other person says, “Great! What’s your book about?”
I answer, “Oh, I never talk about a book that’s in progress.”
End of conversation.
Why don’t I talk about the book when it’s in the process of being written?  Because it takes a lot of energy to write a book, and if I start talking about it to anyone who asks, I use up some of that energy. Spreading it around, instead of focusing it on the writing. Plus nearly all plots, if you just speak them aloud, sound stilted and ridiculous.
This makes total sense to me. But it doesn’t leave me much to say!

All of which is a long apology for not posting anything on the blog for quite a while. But, you see, I’m writing this book…

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