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Love Those Reviews!


Four more reviews have come in for Nix Minus One, three “official” and one “unofficial.”

Quotes from all the reviews are posted on my website on Nix’s home page, and on my facebook fan page – and the entire reviews are also accessible.

To have received a good review by the Halifax Herald was very satisfying, because that’s my home town newspaper.

I used to live in Winnipeg, so I was really happy to be headlined by the Winnipeg Free Press: “Powerful, compelling teen novel written in free verse.”

Sheryl MacFarlane in her blog SherylBooks highly recommends Nix Minus One, “…a powerful and seamless narrative that doesn’t shy away from difficult issues.”

The last review I want to mention – the “unofficial” one – came from Liam C., the 17-year-old son of a writer friend of mine who lives in Bedford.

He read it in one sitting: “It’s so good. It’s a risky structure, but it works so well.” Then he ends by saying, “It’s probably the best YA novel I’ve ever read.”

What’s not to like?

Seriously, it means a lot to me that a guy in high school read and really liked Nix’s story. Thanks, Liam!

And, yep, it’s still winter.




Berries in the snow

Halifax Book Signing



On Saturday Sylvia Gunnery and I met for brunch. Sylvia is a retired teacher, and believe me, her students were very lucky to have her.
She generously gave me her thoughts on how to present Nix Minus One in junior high.
Helpful thoughts.
Surprising thoughts.
Thoughts based on experience and wisdom.

Thanks again, Sylvia!
(And the eggs hollandaise were terrific.)

Then we went to the Chapters stores in Bayers Lake and MicMac Mall and signed our books. Between the two of us, it was an impressive display of books.
Thanks to the managers of the two stores for all their help.

We had some great conversations with customers.
Sylvia’s sister brought flowers for us – so kind of her.

Some writing group friends came by and chatted.
And we even sold some books…

Sylvia and I at Chapter's Book Signing

Sylvia and I at Chapter’s Book Signing

Nix Minus One – Book Signing




Next Saturday, the last weekend of March break,

I’m getting together with my longtime friend Sylvia Gunnery

Emily For Real

Emily For Real

for two sessions of book signing –


Sylvia with her wonderful novel, Emily for Real, published by Pajama Press, and me with Nix Minus One, also Pajama Press.


Thanks to Pam Estabrooks of Chapters for making the arrangements.


I’m delighted to have company – especially Sylvia’s!

Book signings are not designed for off-the-chart introverts.

Like me. And Nix.


Time and Place?

Saturday March 16

Bayers Lake Chapters, 12 – 1:30

Micmac Mall Chapters, 2:30 – 4:00

Pajama Press - ISBN: 978-1-927485-24-8 (HC) / 978-1-927485-25-5 (PB)

Nix Minus One


See you there!


And do check-out this link:

I’m very happy to have such a positive reaction from a young man who remembers

what it was like to be a teenager.

Thank you, Matti, for reading Nix

and for taking the time to put your thoughts on You Tube.







What’s Coming Up?


We’re working on an invitation to the launch for Nix Minus One

in Halifax NS on Sunday afternoon, April 14

at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.


We hope to send it out this week.


And Pajama Press, my wonderful publishers,

have arranged, in cooperation with United Library Services,

that I attend the Children’s Literary Roundtable in Calgary on April 22.

Kenneth Oppel will be there, so that’s exciting.

I plan to visit some schools while I’m in Calgary,

and also Monkeyshines children’s bookstore.


We’re into March now – never my favourite month.

Dirty snow, grey days.

The photos below show my perennial garden after our last blizzard –

and the tulips that – I hope – will be blooming in May!

What is to come

End of Winter Snow












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